As a high profile spokeswoman for Migrant Justice

Amy and Marcus’ dreams of starting their family came true on March 13 when they welcomed a healthy baby girl, Charlotte Elizabeth. « I imagine going through donation is one of the biggest decisions a couple can make. The idea of thinking about another individual or couple raising your child has to be one of the most challenging concepts to work through.

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canada goose store Six of its undocumented leaders have been arrested and face deportation.Palacios is 24, from Peru, and undocumented. As a high profile spokeswoman for Migrant Justice, she thinks that’s why they targeted her. Wearing a pink knit cap pulled down against the cold, she steps up to speak in Spanish into a microphone. »I, too, am a victim of attacks by ICE, » she says.Palacios and another prominent Migrant Justice leader, Enrique Balcazar Sanchez, were arrested a year ago when driving away from the organization’s headquarters in Burlington.ICE agents had taken down their names during an earlier arrest of another colleague canada goose store.

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